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Propane Water Heater Rebate Program

Ask about our Propane Water Heater Rebate Program - you can earn up to $150 in rebates when you add or replace
your existing water with one that runs on propane.

In addition to providing propane for forklift fuel, Georgia Gas has supplied businesses with propane for:

  • Roofing
  • Temporary heat
  • Environmental clean-up
  • Propane dispenser/fueling stations
  • Standby power systems

If you’re already a client, you can email us to schedule a Georgia Gas propane service call.


Georgia Gas has been providing propane services to roofers for 50 years, and is Atlanta's leading propane provider for roofers.

Propane is used to fuel tar kettles and torches for either built-up or single ply roofing. Depending on the size and type of the roofing job, Georgia Gas will deliver cylinders or set a tank with on-site fill. We can even arrange for delivery on out-of-state jobs.


Temporary heat

Because weather in the Atlanta area is often unpredictable, Georgia Gas offers a number of solutions for your temporary heating needs. From construction job sites and warehouses to patio and studio heating, Georgia Gas rents and delivers temporary heaters and cylinders to your location. We offer a variety of heaters ranging from 30,000 BTU's to 1,000,000 BTU's that can be rented on a daily or weekly basis.


Environmental clean-up

We provide your project with the right propane equipment delivered to your job site providing tank installation and propane delivery on your schedule.


Propane dispenser/fueling stations

Whether you are running a fleet of vehicles on propane or have a business that fills cylinders for your customers, we can provide you with the right equipment and installation to meet your needs.


Standby power systems

We provide transport delivery of large quantities of propane to support your operation’s standby power needs. You can trust us for fast and reliable delivery service.


Call us today at (404) 497-1600 for details on locking in propane at our lowest price of the season! Certain conditions apply.