Residential Propane Services

Propane for your home


Underground tanks, propane appliances, installation and service.

Today, more than ever, homeowners and homebuyers want an energy source that is efficient, safe and environmentally friendly. Propane is the ideal energy source. Whether your needs are home heating, water heating, cooking, gas logs, outdoor lighting and grilling, pool or spa heating or emergency power, Georgia Gas will work with you to find the right solution.

Delivery Services

Choose the delivery service option that best fits your needs:

  • Keep Full Service – Georgia Gas will schedule your delivery automatically based on your usage history. This service gives you our best price.
  • Will Call Service – you monitor your tank level and call Georgia Gas to schedule a delivery when your tank reaches 25%.

Gas price programs

Georgia Gas Distributors offers several different pricing and payment options to help you better manage your propane bill.

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Tank rentals

Georgia Gas makes it easy and convenient for residential customers to use its services. We will come and set the tank (… usually a 250 gallon or 500 gallon…) with the appropriate regulators, system/pressure tests and fill the tank with gas. Tanks also are available for underground applications. As part of your annual lease agreement, Georgia Gas assumes responsibility for all maintenance and upkeep of the tanks and regulators.

Georgia Gas makes it easy, convenient and affordable for residential customers to use it’s services by offering a competitive tank lease program.


Builder program

Georgia Gas works with builders who want to provide their customers with energy choices that make sense while enhancing the quality of their home. Our program includes underground tanks, contractor pricing and rebate programs. Whether you are building individual homes or an entire community, we can work with you to come up with the right gas solution.

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Propane for Homeowners

Using propane as the primary energy source for your home is safe, efficient, and cost-effective.

If you’re already a client, you can email us to schedule a Georgia Gas propane service call.