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Propane Water Heater Rebate Program

Ask about our Propane Water Heater Rebate Program - you can earn up to $150 in rebates when you add or replace
your existing water with one that runs on propane.

When building a home, where can a homeowner find an energy source that is not only versatile, but can provide you with value, comfort, prestige and security? The answer is propane.
Propane provides:

  • Versatility because you can use it to heat your home and your water, cook your food, heat your pool, provide outdoor lighting and be a source for emergency power.
  • Value because it is less expensive than electricity for space and water heating.
  • Comfort like the comfort of warm propane heat and the constant supply of hot water.
  • Prestige because propane fireplaces and propane cooktops enhance the attractiveness and value of your home.
  • Security because propane water heaters, cooktops and fireplaces can efficiently operate in the event of a power outage.

Call us today at (404) 497-1600 for details on locking in propane at our lowest price of the season! Certain conditions apply.

Propane for Homeowners

Using propane as the primary energy source for your home is safe, efficient, and cost-effective.