Our Georgia Roots Run Deep


Gerry Misel, Sr. started Georgia Gas Distributors back in 1957 working from the back of his car.  He visited manufacturing plants, warehouses, distribution centers and really any business that was running gasoline forklifts.  He sold his customers on the value and benefits of running their forklifts on propane - fewer harmful emissions, cleaner fuel, healthier environment inside their buildings and saving them money. Back then our main focus was on converting gasoline forklifts to run on propane.

GerrySince that time, as technology has changed and the opportunities for propane have grown so too have the services we offer.  In 1983, his son Gerry Misel, Jr., took over the company and continued the tradition of innovation his father began over 50 years ago.   Georgia Gas Distributors was the first propane company to offer a 20# cylinder grill bottle exchange service for retail stores in Atlanta.  Later, Georgia Gas launched a new, innovative and very efficient way to provide a cylinder exchange service for their forklift customers.  In 2008, we worked closely with the Jackson County Sheriff's Department helping them to be one of the first sheriff's departments in Georgia to convert their fleet of patrol cars to run on propane, saving the county thousands of dollars annually on their fuel costs.

Another family tradition has been to stay involved in our industry.  Gerry has been very active within the propane industry serving in leadership roles at both the state and national levels supporting and promoting the development of new technologies and processes that make the industry safer for all consumers.

In the summer of 2014, Gerry's son, Tyler Misel, joined the company taking on the role of operations manager bringing his knowledge and experience in information technology to help further continued improvements in our customer services and processes.

Whether you have a business, own a home, have a farm or operate a fleet of vehicles that needs or uses propane, we have the services and solutions to meet your needs.  And with our country focusing on ways to become more energy independent, propane has become one of the most economically viable alternative fuels for vehicles today.

So why choose Georgia Gas Distributors?  We are one of the last local family owned and operated propane dealers left in the Atlanta metro area.  We provide a level of commitment to service and safety for our customers that is second to none.  We do this by staying focused on our customers, having trained, professional staff who will answer your calls and questions promptly and making sure we give you the right answers and solutions.  When you need us the most we will be there for you.