Ensure you are complying with safety regulations and OSHA standards

Nothing takes precedence over the safety of your employees or customers. Make sure your propane handling, storage and usage are all performing safely and effectively with our free assessment.

Safety First

The safe use and handling of propane by our customers is our highest priority. We believe propane, when used appropriately, is a safe, economical, environmentally friendly fuel source. Just like any energy source (gasoline, natural gas, and electricity), it is important to understand and respect how to use propane and your propane equipment and appliances.

In our assessment, we will instruct you on safety best practices, including federal DOT, OSHA, and EPA compliance regulations. We also walk through your facility and inspect the 13 checkpoints listed below. Sign up through the contact form to get started. Read more Propane Safety Tips

Our free commercial propane inspection will review the following:

  1. Location of cylinders/tank
  2. Storage of cylinders
  3. Cylinder valve closed
  4. Fire extinguisher
  5. Proper labeling of cylinders
  6. Proper signage on cages
  7. Qualification of cylinders
  8. Proper PPE available
  9. Dispenser bulk tank
    1. Proper location
    2. Required emergency shutoffs for internal valve and electric with proper signage
    3. Fire extinguisher
    4. Explosion proof eclectic