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Alternative fueled vehicles can make a significant contribution to cleaning up our environment. Propane has been approved by the EPA as an alternative fuel. Propane has been around for many years and there is enough refueling infrastructure already in place that makes running a vehicle fleet on propane a very viable alternative to gasoline.

Georgia Gas can help you with the purchase or conversion of propane vehicles and provide the necessary fueling equipment.
Propane Powered Fleets offer the following benefits:

  • Improved Air Quality – Lower greenhouse emissions. Significantly lower hydrocarbon, CO, NO than gasoline and diesel. Comparable with E85 fuel.
  • Exceptional Performance – Strong fuel economy, longer engine life, lower maintenance costs.
  • Outstanding Economics – Significant fuel cost savings and conversion and fuel tax credits are available.
  • Fleet Management – Propane fueling stations are compatible with many fleet software managements systems, including FuelMaster and MAXIMUS FuelFocus.