Georgia Gas has partnered with Campbell-Parnell and Isuzu Truck to provide fleet owners a comprehensive alternative fuel  solution for the NPR HD truck.  Campbell-Parnell, a leader in EPA certified alternative fuel conversion systems, is the first company to receive EPA and CARB certification for their dual fuel propane conversion system for the NPR HD vehicle.

Georgia Gas Distributors is proud to be a certified Campbell-Parnell distributor for the Southeast.  We will take care of all your vehicle propane fueling needs including refueling infrastructure and installation, propane deliveries, pricing options and assistance with vehicle needs.

Once an Isuzu NPR HD owner becomes a customer, Georgia Gas works closely with Isuzu Truck and Campbell-Parnell  to make sure your transition to a propane dual-fuel system is a success – this is our Triad Solution.  You will have the support of Georgia Gas and Campbell-Parnell, two companies who are dedicated to supporting your alternative fuel needs from vehicle conversion systems to propane refueling and infrastructure.  Your success with the AutoGas program is important to us and our number one priority!

Contact Gordon Cunningham at Georgia Gas Distributors today to learn more about the conversion process, the economics of running your fleet on propane and how your fleet can significantly lower vehicle costs.