Georgia Gas serves a wide variety of commercial and industrial customers who may use propane for a variety different applications, e.g. standby heat (backup for natural gas curtailment), roofing applications, curing, tempering/cutting steel, warehouse heat, water heating and forklifts.

The factors that influence our pricing for these applications include:

  • Type of delivery – bulk transport loads, bobtail service and cylinder exchange service
  • Volume of propane used – per delivery and annually
  • Delivery Frequency
  • Current wholesale cost of propane

However, the vast majority of the customers we serve use propane for powering their forklifts.


Prices start as low as $10.00 per 33# cylinder ($1.30/gallon) for very large volume users.  Prices increase from this rate as the volume of propane decreases.

For an exact price quote, please contact Georgia Gas today.  One of our commercial account executives will be happy to work with you and answer any questions you may have.