Propane Autogas Benefits, Savings and Incentives

Savings and Incentives of Propane AutogasWith lower fuel and maintenance costs, fleet managers and operators across the nation are turning to propane autogas for their alternative fuel source. Autogas provides proven ROI, enhanced by federal and state incentive programs.

Benefits of Propane Autogas

There are several benefits to making the conversion to propane autogas. Apart from lower life cycle operating costs, propane is:

  • EPA approved clean fuel alternative that can reduce operating costs.
  • Better for the environment than gasoline, with 60% less carbon monoxide emissions.
  • Readily available, and the third most common engine fuel in the U.S. and worldwide.
  • Conversion systems are affordable and with easily scalable refueling infrastructures.

Fleet managers and operators who have made the switch over to propane autogas have seen improved engine life, and they have even seen fuel costs lowered up to 30%.

Federal Alternative Fuel Incentives

There are quite a few federal incentives and rewards for converting to propane autogas.

Georgia Propane Autogas Incentives

To promote energy-efficient and environmentally friendly transportation, the state of Georgia also offers incentives to encourage fleet managers and operators to adopt vehicles that run on propane autogas.

  • High Occupancy Vehicle/Toll (HOV and HOT) Lane Exemption – Regardless of the number of passengers, alternative fuel vehicles displaying the proper license plate may use HOV and HOT lanes. They may also use the HOT lanes toll-free.
  • Commercial Alternative Fuel Vehicle (AFV) Tax Credit – Available to taxpayers who purchase new commercial medium-duty to heavy-duty AFVs using at least 90% alternative fuel. Depending on the vehicle size and cost of the propane option or conversion, there is a federal tax credit available for up to 50% of the propane fuel option or conversion price.

Read more about federal, state and local tax exemptions along with laws and regulations by visiting the Alternative Fuels Data Center (AFDC).

Fleet Directors and operators are turning to Georgia Gas Distributors for their alternative fuel source with lower maintenance and fuel costs. If you’re interested in learning more about the tax deductions, grants and rebates that come with converting to propane autogas, contact Georgia Gas online or call us at (404) 497-1600 with any questions you may have.