Ford and GM propane conversion vehicles

If you are looking for conversion options and your fleet is made up of light to medium duty Ford or GM models.

Today’s propane conversion systems offer either a dedicated propane system or a bi-fuel system where the vehicle can run on either gasoline or propane. These systems are fully compatible with the existing OBD and ECU systems on your vehicle.
These systems also use either Vapor Sequential Injection (VSI) or Liquid Propane Injection (LPI) technology. These technologies deliver excellent results without compromising original engine performance.

Today many of the Ford and GM light duty trucks have EPA certified propane conversion systems available as well as certain types of Ford and GM cars. Recent changes to the EPA certification process will lead to many more vehicles soon having certified conversion systems as well.Autogas F150 Converted Truck
Depending on the number of vehicles you are looking to convert and the mileage/age of these vehicles, getting an EPA certified system for those vehicles may be less problematic if a certified system does not already exist.

Along with conversion systems we can work with you on the autogas dispenser and fuel storage solution that meets your needs. Autogas dispenser systems and storage solutions are easy to operate and have fuel management capability to integrate with your current fuel management system. Because propane autogas does not contaminate the environment, on-site storage has none of the hassle that gasoline or diesel has in terms of EPA compliance issues.

Contact us today about your fleet and together we can determine what your best options are for conversion systems that will meet your needs.