Propane Autogas: Ford Launches their F-750 Series Chassis

Fleet owners and operators now have one more choice for propane autogas in the 33,000 lb. GVW class.  Ford recently launched their F-750 series chassis with a liquid propane injection option.

This new entry, along with Freightliner’s S2G chassis in the same weight class, offers fleets an alternative fuel option with brands they know and can trust.

The base model Ford F-750 is equipped with a 50-usable-gallon fuel tank, located on the driver side for ease of fueling. For those needing more mileage, an extended fuel-tank option is available.

Relying on one individual fuel type can put a fleet’s budget at the mercy of commodity pricing. Diversifying fuel sources is one way fleets can help protect the bottom line against fuel price fluctuations.

Diesel trucks have become more and more problematic as emission standards have increased and diesel fuel prices remain high.  We at Georgia Gas started moving away from medium duty diesel delivery trucks back in 2015 when we purchased our first Freightliner S2G.  We added our second S2G in 2016 and our goal is to continue to add propane autogas to our delivery fleet every year.

We have not been disappointed in the S2G’s performance and are extremely pleased with the fuel savings we are seeing versus diesel.  It is worth your time to take a close look at how these vehicles can improve your fleet’s efficiency.

The process for a fleet to replace their diesel units with propane vehicles is not as daunting a task as it may seem. If you would like to learn more, contact Georgia Gas and we can walk you through the process, including refueling infrastructure options, getting specific on the fuel savings and lower costs for your fleet as well as strategies to gain more control over your fuel cost.