Propane Autogas Savings and Cost Calculator for Georgia Fleets

Making the switch to autogas is an emerging trend across the country for many school districts, municipalities, shuttle operators, and other types of fleets.

As an economical alternative to gasoline, propane autogas provides many competitive advantages – the key of which is helping fleets to run more efficiently while reducing costs per mile in the process.

Propane autogas savings don’t stop with reduced costs, however.

The Advantages of Autogas

  • Convenient fueling: As your fleet grows, so does your propane autogas infrastructure. Propane providers are experts at helping determine which refueling option is right for your fleet, from tanks to on-site autogas refueling stations.
  • Environmentally-friendly: Driving on autogas reduces harmful greenhouse gas emissions. Compared to gasoline or diesel, propane is more eco-friendly, with its lower carbon content and cleaner burning fuel.
  • Lower fuel costs: Typically, autogas costs less than gasoline on a mile-by-mile basis, meaning propane-powered fleets save an average of $1.50 per gallon on fuel costs. The fuel alternative is also more protected from the price fluctuations and spikes that conventional fuels experience.
  • Produced domestically: 98 percent of propane is produced in the U.S., making it a readily available fuel alternative for your fleet.
  • Reduced operating costs: Because propane autogas is a clean-burning fuel, engines powered by propane see less wear and tear, allowing vehicles to experience longer engine life, less frequent oil changes and routine maintenance, and less frequent vehicle downtime.
  • Safe and reliable: Propane autogas has strict national safety requirements and the lowest flammability range of alternative motor fuels.

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If you’d like to discuss making the switch to propane autogas, please contact Georgia Gas Distributors with any questions you have – we’ll be happy to provide the answers.