Georgia Gas Distributors Safety Training

Safety is of paramount importance in the use of propane. Georgia Gas uses training material developed by the Propane Education & Research Council to conduct training in the use of cylinders and dispensers. There are multiple ways a customer could interact with this material: either online through videos and self directed quizzes, or through instructor-led classes. The content and material is the same through either method. If the online path is preferred, the links to the modules' content are listed below. An instructor-led training session may be requested by contacting or by filling out the form below.

Dispensing Propane Safely

Module 1 - Introduction to Dispensing Propane Safely

Module 2 - Properties and Characteristics of Propane

Module 3 - Dispensing Station Equipment

Module 4 - DOT Cylinders

Module 5 - Inspecting, Filling and Labeling Small Cylinders

Module 6 - Refueling, Maintaining and Troubleshooting Forklift Cylinders

Module 7 - Refueling ASME Motor Fuel Tanks and RV Tanks

Module 8 - Emerging Technologies

Module 9 - Retail Cylinder Exchange Operations

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