Our History

Growth and progress for a local company with a broad reach

While the company has grown and progressed for more than 60 years, we remain true to the following values that put us here in the first place: integrity, service, innovation and safety.

Company History

Through the years, Georgia Gas Distributors has led Metro Atlanta’s commercial propane market penetration. We’ve identified emerging markets and serviced our customers’ propane needs as their businesses have grown. We’ve been there for our customers.

Even in the midst of the historic COVID-19 pandemic we haven’t missed one day of service – not one day.

At Georgia Gas Distributors we believe in working hard. It’s in our DNA.

Gerry Misel, Sr. first brought industrial propane sales to Atlanta in 1957. Day-to-day he went business-to-business selling and delivering propane’s powerful benefits from the trunk of his car.

Following in his father’s footsteps, in 1983, Gerry Misel, Jr. began expanding Georgia Gas Distributors’ footprint and capabilities. He ushered in innovative measures that led to increased fill techniques, routing solutions and new ways to use propane, such as autogas.

Rewarding the hard work of a company family member, Lynda Humm took over our daily operations in 2006. With more than 25 years of company experience, she brought a management style that refined our business model. She continues to introduce new processes in a never-ending effort to improve service to our family of customers.

Tyler Misel joined his family’s legacy at Georgia Gas Distributors in 2014. A computer expert, Tyler has reprogrammed all the company’s systems for better efficiency. In our Operations area, he is keeping us on the leading edge of customer service and has introduced a state-of-the-art Safety Program now offered to all our customers.

Gordon Cunningham joined our company family in 2016, managing our sales team. Through his efforts we have enjoyed rapid growth in unit volume and customer number count.

For more than 60 years, our Georgia Gas Distributors family has grown to include drivers, service technicians, office personnel, dispatchers, sales representatives and more. Each has added to the success of the company. Each has helped Georgia Gas Distributors maintain its position as the leading commercial propane distribution company in Metro Atlanta. It’s in our DNA.