Get to know the many advantages of autogas, an ideal option for fleet fueling


Whether you’re looking to fuel fleet vehicles, school buses or landscaping equipment, autogas is a cleaner way to go than gasoline or diesel — and it costs less per gallon.

What is it? Used in internal combustion engines, autogas burns more cleanly than other fuels, and puts vehicles’ engines through less wear and tear. As a result, you’ll see a reduction in repairs and in maintenance costs.

How does it do in cold weather? While the weather is generally warm here in the Metro Atlanta region, we do see some colder temperatures in December and January. During the winter months, vehicles that use diesel or gas run the risk of seeing their fuel gel up. This is not a possibility for propane autogas.

Is autogas really better for the environment? Yes! In fact, autogas will cut your vehicle’s — or fleet’s — greenhouse gas emissions by quite a bit, and here’s why: Autogas produces 40% fewer nitrogen oxides, 20% less carbon monoxide, and 10% less carbon dioxide than diesel or gasoline. 

In addition, autogas is nontoxic. The unlikely event of a leak will not result in any environmental damage.

What kinds of vehicles run best on this fuel? Autogas is ideal for a range of vehicle types, including:

  • charter buses
  • commercial vans
  • delivery vans
  • distribution trucks for food and beverage companies
  • moving vans
  • pickup trucks
  • police cars
  • school buses
  • shuttle buses

Will autogas make my vehicles last longer? Yes. Fleet vehicles that use autogas last longer and don’t need as much maintenance. This is a big part of the reason why school districts are turning to autogas to fuel their school bus fleets.

Learn more about how autogas can help the bottom line for your Metro Atlanta business, saving you time and money while making a difference for the environment! Contact us today.