Curtailment Gas

In the event of a power outage, you can keep your project on track with curtailment gas from Georgia Gas Distributors

curtailment gas
If you use natural gas and your business experiences curtailment periods by your utility, propane can be used for peak shaving, as a standby fuel. Curtailment gas delivery will provide your commercial operation with a reliable solution if you experience a power interruption, and enables you to use propane appliances for heat as needed.

What does it mean to be an “interruptible” natural gas utility customer?

Certain businesses, educational institutions and other non-residential locations are classified as “interruptible,” meaning they are subject to curtailment of “interrupted” natural gas service before families in their customers’ homes are. Most often, curtailment occurs during the winter, when there is a high demand for natural gas supplies and “interruptable” customers can be cut off for a period of time.

The length of a curtailment period is unpredictable, and while it generally depends on the weather, it can also go into effect as the result of other interruptions, such as a natural disaster.

Keep up with the care and maintenance of your curtailment system

Since industrial and commercial users are usually curtailed by natural gas companies before residential customers are affected, it’s important for you to be ready. When increased demand leads to the need for standby gas, we’ll have your commercial operation ready to go, so your customers and employees won’t miss a beat.

With regularly scheduled curtailment-system inspections, you can ensure that you won’t run into any obstacles when the time to use curtailment gas arrives. It’s critical for your business to be ready.

Learn about how propane stacks up against the competition

Take a look at how propane compares with other energy sources, including electricity and natural gas. Propane’s overall efficiency and the convenience of storing it on-site are just a couple of the factors that make this smart fuel stand out above the rest.

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