Why Propane?

Georgia Gas Distributors is the propane company you can count on to keep your Metro Atlanta commercial operation moving forward

At Georgia Gas Distributors, we understand the propane needs of commercial operations from Cherokee to Clayton County, from Douglas to Gwinnett County, and everywhere in between. We provide customer support and technical service that is unmatched in courtesy and expertise.

With all of that in mind, it’s important to us that you be clear on the benefits of propane, including why it’s better than other fuels and how it can benefit your Metro Atlanta business.

Propane is…

Cost-effective – Propane-powered equipment and appliances are economical whether your operation includes distribution warehouses, logistics centers, internal material-handling centers, production studios or something else.

Safe – Propane is among the safest fuels you can use to keep your business moving forward. Learn more about propane safety and training, including how you can take our safety training course, which is FREE to all Georgia Gas Distributors customers.

Efficient – The average efficiency of propane is 90%, meaning it heats up super quickly, enabling your project to move swiftly and efficiently.

Ideal if you need to be off the grid – If a power outage hits your area, you won’t miss a beat if you’re using propane. With your tank on your property, supply issues across your region or even in your own community will not affect your ability to get your job done.


Still not convinced? Take a look at the differences between propane and other fuels.

Why is propane better than electricity? From speed — to power — to convenience on the maintenance front, propane is easier and more cost-effective to deal with, when compared with electricity.

Why is propane better than natural gas? It’s easy to take a propane cylinder to an out-of-gas forklift anywhere on your property and have the forklift back to work immediately.

Find out about all of the industrial services you can benefit from when you’re a Georgia Gas Distributors customer, or contact us with your questions today!