Reap the rewards of fueling your forklifts with propane

Turn to Georgia Gas Distributors for the largest fleet of service vehicles in the Metro Atlanta region. We offer cost-efficient, dependable propane service for the following types of commercial operations:

  • warehouse distribution
  • logistics centers
  • internal material-handling centers
  • production studios

Cylinder Exchange Service

Customers across Metro Atlanta and in the surrounding counties appreciate the personalized service they get from Georgia Gas — the only independent forklift cylinder exchange provider in the area. We offer on-site cylinder fill-ups as well as a cylinder exchange service.

Depending on your usage and needs, we also offer deliveries at a variety of frequencies—from multiple times a week to monthly. And while we encourage you to schedule your forklift-propane deliveries in advance whenever possible, will-call service for forklift-propane cylinders is also available.

We offer tanks, cages and delivery services to suit the needs of your business and to keep your project on track.

propane cage

Propane vs. Electric

Why is propane better for my forklift operations?

Propane offers a range of advantages and will serve you — and your forklift operations — well, now and into the future. Take a look at the following comparison points:

It offers enhanced safety. The automatic shut-off feature on heavy-duty sealed fuel cylinders allows for increased safety.

It’s a cost-saver. Propane-powered forklifts present lower maintenance costs than gasoline or diesel models — as well as fewer engine deposits. In addition, their engines often have a much longer life span than those powered by electricity or other sources.

You’ll see higher horsepower from your forklift. Propane has a higher-octane rating than gasoline (114–112 versus 87–92).

You’ll be impressed by propane’s low emissions. Businesses use propane powered forklifts indoors because of the low emissions.

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From Cherokee County to Fayette County, and Douglas County to Gwinnett County, Georgia Gas Distributors is here to serve your forklift-fueling needs! Contact us with your questions or get a quote today!