Food Truck Safety

As the popularity of food trucks has soared, propane safety and fire safety for your Metro Atlanta business has become increasingly important

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Ice cream. Hot dogs. Waffles. BBQ. The possibilities in the food truck world are endless, and people LOVE all of it. We want you to maximize your food truck’s potential, and one important way to do that is to stay safe on every level – from your teams — to your customers — to the other people on the road when you’re in transit.

Safety Guidelines
The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) has issued food truck safety guidelines to help protect you and your business. Your food truck propane system and the truck itself deserve your attention and will serve you well if you maintained and cared for them. The main points of the NFPA’s guidelines include the following tips:

  • Inspect all gas equipment prior to each use.
  • Keep the truck at least 10 feet from buildings, structures, other vehicles and combustible material.
  • Ensure that portable fire extinguishers are located properly.
  • Check that the shutoff for all food truck propane tanks and propane cylinders is readily accessible.

Following is a more detailed look:

General Safety
  • Obtain license or permits from local authorities.
  • Public seating within the food truck is not permitted.
  • The truck must have clearance of at least 10 feet from any combustible materials, other vehicles, buildings or structures.
  • Fire lanes and access roads must provide fire department vehicular access.
  • Fire hydrants and fire department connections must have clearance.
  • An approved fire extinguishing system must be present to offer protection for all appliances using combustible media.
  • Portable fire extinguishers must be installed in kitchen cooking areas in accordance with NFPA 10.
  • In spaces where solid fuel cooking appliances produce grease-laden vapors, appliances must be protected by listed fire-extinguishing equipment.
  • Workers must be trained in the following:
    • proper use of portable fire extinguishers and extinguishing systems
    • proper method of shutting off fuel sources
    • proper procedure for notifying the local fire department
    • proper procedure for how to perform simple leak test on gas connections

Learn more about your food truck propane tank and general food truck safety. Please share those guidelines with your staff.

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