Eight Facts About American-Made Propane

Written on: July 16, 2021

american propane georgiaReliable fuel sources are essential to our national economy, and to the world’s energy mix. One of the most important of those fuel sources is propane gas.

Propane is one of our country’s most abundant energy sources, powering businesses and homes from coast-to-coast. It’s also one of our most important exports, fueling industries around the world.

Important Details About Propane

The following are eight essential facts about propane that make clear why it’s so important to our nation’s wealth and energy independence:

  1. A clean-burning, non-toxic gas, propane has been used as a fuel for heating and appliance power for more than a century.
  2. Every day, U.S.-based facilities produce two million barrels of propane. That’s enough to account for 90 percent of our domestic supply while still shipping one million barrels per day to countries around the world.
  3. Most of the propane produced in the U.S. results from natural gas processing. Before natural gas can be used as a fuel, it must first be purified, which releases propane as a by-product.
  4. About half of America’s daily output of propane is shipped to facilities across the U.S. for temporary storage. Once it’s needed, propane is transported to suppliers as a liquid in special trucks made of thick, high-strength steel.
  5. Propane’s top uses in the U.S. are home heating and grain drying.
  6. The biggest importers of American propane are China, Japan and South Korea. Chemical manufacturers in those regions often use propane for making plastic products. Propane also is imported extensively in Mexico and throughout South America and Europe, where it mostly is used as a transportation fuel.
  7. Because propane is a global commodity, its price is subject to a complex mixture of unpredictable influences, including national and international energy policies and the weather.
  8. The best thing commercial propane customers can do for themselves is to ensure they have a good relationship with a reliable bulk propane supplier. Quality propane suppliers have substantial storage facilities to keep an adequate supply on-hand during periods of high demand, helping you to ride out short-term challenges.

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