Temp Heat for Commercial Construction in Atlanta

Written on: February 7, 2022

Case Study: Gilbane Building Company

construction heating georgiaIf you’re in the building industry, you know cold, winter temperatures affect the curing times for drywall, tile grout and paint, which obviously impacts the progress of construction projects.

Building a high-rise apartment building in Midtown Atlanta this winter, Gilbane Building Company relies on Georgia Gas Distributors (GGD) to provide them with the propane that helps to keep their timeline on schedule.

As it proceeds upward on their 32-floor apartment building, Gilbane needs to keep its current construction area at a target temperature of between 50 and 60 degrees to set the dry wall, tile and paint. Three giant propane-fueled burners in the building push hot air through the building’s duct system to the construction area, keeping that area at the target temperature so work can continue throughout the winter.

GGD also installed a 1,000-gallon propane tank with a vaporizer on the construction site. The vaporizer accelerates the process of changing propane from a liquid to a gas. The gas heats up the cold, winter air faster, allowing more heated coverage in the targeted construction zone.

“Georgia Gas’ expertise in propane technology and on-time delivery service is essential to us,” said Dave Conlon, Gilbane’s project executive for the apartment high rise. “We set up a temporary mini-city, in a landlocked location, and have to bring in everything to run it.”

To heat the construction target area, Gilbane uses at least 300 gallons of propane a day–more if temperatures drop lower. GGD delivers propane at least three times a week, sometimes every day, to meet their needs.

“We count on our partnership with Georgia Gas every day, and they meet our needs,” said Conlon.
Gilbane Building Company has more than 45 office locations around the world—including Atlanta. You can learn more about them here.

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