Food Truck Safety

Food truck safety is very important. Food trucks are becoming more and more common around the country. They range from dessert trucks, to hot dog trucks and all the way to Mexican Soul Food trucks. Until somewhat recently, there were no standards or fire codes that covered the use of propane as a fuel source for food trucks.

The folks at NFPA have created a Fact Sheet that helps food truck users easily understand what fire codes are applicable to their operations. It also can be used as a quick guide to safe operations.

NFPA Food Truck Fact Sheet

To summarize what the fact sheet shows:

  • Inspect all gas equipment prior to each use
  • Keep the truck at least 10 feet from buildings, structures, other vehicles and combustible material.
  • Ensure portable fire extinguishers are located properly.
  • Check that the shutoff for all propane cylinders is readily accessible.

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