How Can Curtailment Gas Help You?

Written on: May 2, 2022

Georgia Gas Distributors values commercial and industrial businesses

natural gas supplier georgiaPropane is the best curtailment fuel choice for commercial and industrial natural gas customers on ‘Interruptible’ status. Read on to learn more about how Georgia Gas Distributors makes your business our priority.

What is curtailment gas?

If your natural gas powered business will lose its fuel source during curtailment periods by your utility, propane can be used for peak shaving, as a standby fuel. Curtailment propane gas delivery will provide your commercial operation with a reliable fuel solution that enables you to use propane to power your equipment. Propane is uniquely positioned during natural gas curtailments because it can seamlessly replace natural gas in your system and keep you operational.

What does it mean to be an “interruptible” natural gas utility customer?

Choosing to be an ‘Interruptible’ natural gas commercial/industrial customer has an advantage – a lower rate. However, its disadvantage is obvious – your natural gas service is interrupted during peak energy usage periods, shutting your operation down.

The length of a curtailment period is unpredictable, and while curtailment usually depends on the weather, it also can go into effect as the result of other interruptions, such as a natural disaster.

Benefits of curtailment gas

Since natural gas ‘Interruptible’ commercial and industrial users usually are curtailed by natural gas companies during peak energy usage period, it’s important for you to be ready.

Keep your projects on track with curtailment gas

At Georgia Gas Distributors, we understand the propane needs of commercial operations from Cherokee to Clayton County, from Douglas to Gwinnett County, and everywhere in between. We provide customer support and technical service that is unmatched in courtesy and expertise.

Contact us to learn more about curtailment gas and how it’s important to your business that you have a back-up plan in place. We are always on your side, and we’d love for you to join us at Georgia Gas Distributors!