How Propane Contributes to Movie Magic

Written on: March 7, 2022

Georgia Gas Distributors Provide Reliable Supply

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The hero opens a box that explodes … sending him flying across the room … through a breaking window … landing on an inflated bag (out of camera view) … and in each of those instances, propane has played a supporting role in a movie filming in Atlanta.

Flourishing in Metro Atlanta, the movie and television production industry uses propane supplied by Georgia Gas Distributors both traditionally and nontraditionally to make its magic. Go here if you want to see all of the projects filmed in Georgia that are scheduled to be released this year—not just the ones where we supplied the propane.

Behind the Scenes

Experts on set recognize the versatility and transferability of propane. They also credit propane’s clean-burning properties for being able to use it safely around sets and inside sound stages.
Behind the scenes at one of those productions is Jesse Ehman, a transportation dispatcher who helps coordinate the logistical action and keeps those sets running smoothly.

“For us, propane is an absolute necessity,” said Ehman. “We use propane for everything–– from our forklift lifting heavy set pieces and moving props to condors for lighting rigs and camera placement.”
Ehman said propane is also vital for creating special effects, for pyrotechnics, for heating cast trailers and sets and for cooking food.

Serving movie and television production sets is a unique challenge and different than serving clients who make the same product every day. While the day-to-day needs of a movie production have some consistency, days of heavy shooting, complex special effects, inclement weather or elaborate set pieces call for a temporary increase in propane demand.

Ehman said he depends on his relationship with Georgia Gas Distributors to keep his propane supply stocked and ready when he needs it.

“My Georgia Gas Rep supports our unique needs and irregular timeline,” he said. “I can simply reach him on his cell anytime we need him and he takes care of business.”

We Treat All of Our Customers Like Stars

While we don’t see all of our customers’ end products appear on the big-screen, Georgia Gas Distributors’ goal is to serve the unique needs of each customer. In our supporting role as their propane supplier, we want our customers to be the stars in their own field of production.

Innovative propane techniques and accurate delivery dispatching that meet our commercial and industrial customers’ unique propane needs are just some ways Georgia Gas Distributors fulfills its mission to exceed customer expectations. That’s true whether we’re supplying propane for your forklifts, construction site or restaurants.

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