Leading GGD Into the Future

Written on: August 1, 2022

Women changing the ‘face’ of the propane industry

gas distributors georgiaWomen are playing an increasing role in the success of the propane industry. Georgia Gas Distributor’s own Lynda Humm, vice president and controller, is at the forefront of that movement. Managing the day-to-day operations of GGD since 2006, Lynda uses her skillset to find ways to further optimize an already successful propane distribution company to react to industry developments, global pandemics, and market and societal changes.

GGD’s own Lynda Humm

Graduating from Georgia Tech with a degree in Industrial Management, Lynda believes there is more than one way to solve a problem.

“I ‘see’ things differently than Gerry,” says Lynda of Gerry Misel, GGD’s president and CEO. “We have an advantageous partnership. He’s a great sounding board. He listens. He advises. And then, he lets me work toward my vision for GGD.”

Respecting family life and prioritizing employee needs

Balancing commercial and industrial customer obligations with an employee-centric approach, GGD now works – within boundaries – to set route schedules to help delivery drivers meet family obligations.

“If you are loyal to your employees – and their needs – they will be loyal to you,” says Lynda. “It’s important they know we respect their private lives.”

New opportunities for growth and success

In an ever-changing business environment, Lynda proactively seeks out new opportunities for propane distribution and is eager to direct GGD into the future. Whether expanding GGD’s Metro Atlanta service territory or developing new business arenas, Lynda sees the propane industry poised to succeed in the future. We’d love for your own commercial business to join us on the journey forward!

GGD is facing the future with excellence

While she is helping to change the ‘face’ of the propane industry, Lynda believes one’s job performance in more important than one’s gender. She combines GGD’s past managerial approach with new procedures, identifies new markets and includes employees like never before. Lynda is the ‘face’ of the future.