Safe Handling of Propane Cylinders

Written on: January 4, 2023

Propane tanks & cylinder safety requirements

propane tank safety georgia It’s important to know the best practices for safe handling when it comes to propane cylinders. That’s why we take the time to always educate our customers about why and how tank specifications deserve attention and contribute to propane safety.

Cylinder safety tips

According to the Propane Education & Research Council, most of today’s propane tanks – including portable cylinders – are built according to safety specifications laid out by the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT).

Know your propane cylinder DON’Ts

Know your cylinder’s specifics

You’ll need to know what kind of cylinder you’re working with, in order to make the safest choices when handling your propane tank. Markings on the tank’s collar serve as the cylinder’s identification, including cylinder valve info, design codes, cylinder tear weight, water capacity, manufacturer name, and the test or requalification date.

Know your requalification guidelines

Propane tank requalification is an important safety step in keeping jobs moving smoothly. But do you know why and how cylinders must regularly undergo prequalification?

Contact us today to recertify your tank(s) or to find out if your tanks are due for requalification.

Georgia Gas Distributors puts propane cylinders to work, with your safety in mind!

Make no mistake, when used appropriately, propane is safe, economical and environmentally friendly. At Georgia Gas Distributors, your safety and the safety of your employees and customers is our priority.

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