Propane Generators for temporary power losses during hurricane season

Written on: September 10, 2021

Act now to be ready for bad weather and power outages

gas generators georgiaThe Metro Atlanta area is known for its warmer weather – Hello, Hot-lanta! But, Georgia natives know that inclement weather does occur, and when it arrives, it can bring hassles, hazards and headaches for business owners. With severe thunderstorms and winter storms, it makes sense to be prepared in case of temporary power outages. Your customers and employees are depending on it.

A commercial propane generator can help you to avoid a business disruption

The best thing you can do to make sure you and your team are prepared for whatever weather Mother Nature brings our way is to have a quality generator on standby for temporary power losses. A standby propane generator eliminates the financial losses, the emotional stress, and the damage to a business’ reputation that a power interruption can cause. With the right generator on hand, you’ll avoid the emergency scramble that comes with realizing that a power outages are too costly for your business to endure.

A propane standby generator offers everything a business needs to operate during power outages — quiet power, efficiency, and safety.

Having a backup generator may reduce your insurance costs

Why do insurance companies care whether their clients have a backup generator on site for temporary power losses? Because a backup generator can help prevent perishable goods from spoiling, pipes from freezing, and premises from flooding. In other words, you’ll be less likely to make insurance claims on your policy.

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