Supplying Propane Companies in Metro Atlanta

Written on: September 26, 2022

GGD Meets the Needs of Diverse Customers

As a commercial and industrial propane distributor in Metro Atlanta, Georgia Gas Distributors (GGD) serves a diverse customer base with unique needs. Here is one example.

Shepard Exposition Services, an events management company, operates in a time-sensitive, deadline-meeting industry that designs, develops and manages trade shows and events throughout the USA.

GGD works closely with Shepard in Atlanta to ensure the events they hold at the Georgia World Congress Center (GW CC) and Cobb Galleria Center run smoothly. GGD also keeps Shepard’s two operations warehouses that house their event supplies, stocked-and-ready with propane.

Shepard manages more than 50 tradeshows a year in Metro Atlanta that require a partnership with GGD to deliver and maintain propane cylinders and cages as needed.

“Show production schedule and operations at our event sites requires the relationship between us to be clear and in constant communication,” says Don Ellis, General Manager of Shepard Exposition Services.

“Initial scheduling needs flow seamlessly into refill scheduling to ensure operations run smoothly with no challenges, throughout the week and weekend,” Ellis continues. “We are thankful for the relationship and customer service we have made and built through the years with GGD as our propane service provider.”

Another bonus, propane’s clean burning properties. ensure fewer greenhouse emissions are emitted inside the GWCC.

Become a customer of Georgia Gas Distributors today. We work with every customer to ensure their unique propane delivery needs are met.

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It takes a team of GGD employees to ensure Shepard Exposition Services’ propane deliveries are made in time for each special event.

Front Row L-R – Johanna, Shephard’s Sales Rep, stays in constant communication, making sure their unique delivery needs are met. Jessica dispatches all GGD deliveries, scheduling Shepard to receive their requested propane.

Second Row L-R – Thomas intakes and readies cylinders for delivery. Todd fills all propane cylinders at our state-of-the art Propane Filling Station. DeAndre delivers propane cylinders on schedule to Shepard’s various locations.

Michael, our Service Tech, coordinates and delivers cages where Shepard needs them, picking the cages up when the event is concluded. Brent is our Operations Manager. He oversees our Plant and the intricate process that delivers propane to Shepard without a hitch.